Love the Earth Workshop

By Barn Nature Center (other events)

Monday, February 20 2023 9:00 AM 4:00 PM EDT

Explore ways to sustain and protect our planet Earth and the amazing living-beings that reside here! Workshop attendees will learn in depth about the world they live in, the impact of anthropogenic practices, and sustainable practices. Throughout the day attendees will get to work hands on with activities and many of the wonderful animals housed here in our nature center. We hope to see you here to share our love for Mother Nature!

These FUN and EDUCATIONAL workshops provide children with unique learning experiences on days off from school.  Animals, Science, Hiking, Team Building, Music, Crafts, and more! Workshop participants get to go behind the scenes and learn what it takes to become a professional animal caregiver at the Barn Nature Center! During all Workshops, students will assist the Barn Nature Center staff in performing our daily animal care routine. In addition, each workshop features interactive and experiential activities designed to engage students in the Workshop's theme. Workshops are $64 per day and run from 9am-4pm. We recommend students bring a packed lunch (snack is provided), a refillable water bottle, and closed-toe shoes! 

Mailing Address

1283 Almshouse Road Doylestown, PA 18901